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Thousands of the compounds prescribed by Western doctors are originally derived from plants. That leaves us with a question. Why don’t we use the plants to treat our ails? Why create pharmaceutical products that mimic cheaper, natural products, especially when those drugs are designed with one cure in mind, yet come with dozens of side-effects?  That’s a good question. Is it that the plant compounds are not as effective? Or less profitable?

One thing is for sure.  With social media buzz being able to fly under the radar of traditional pharmaceutical industry-controlled media channels, more and more people are becoming aware of, and interested in, natural or alternative medicines to those offered by Big Pharma.  I suspect that most people would rather take a natural compound than one grown in a chemistry lab. Given the choice, I believe we should be exploring natural products and their potential role in health and vitality.

The natural world provides us with a myriad of interesting compounds, each with its own health benefits.  So why are we focusing on Turmeric?

Head on over to PubMed and do a search for “turmeric OR curcumin”.  There are currently over 15,000 research papers looking at turmeric, or it’s active compound curcumin.  It’s role in human health is being investigated in everything from inflammation to cancer. Surely this is a compound worthy of its own website?

This site recommends Curcumin x4000.   To quote GoodHealthNaturally.com:

“Curcuminx4000™ uses Meriva ® (root) Curcuma longa extract to significantly improve its absorption. Meriva ® is the most clinically studied Curcumin on the market that provides patent sustained release technology for long-lasting effectiveness.”

Dr. Andy Williams

Dr. Andy Williams was awarded a first-class honours degree in Biology from Hull University in 1988. He went on to study for his Ph.D. in animal physiology at Cardiff University, followed by a year as a research associate in Cardiff.

As an idealistic teenager, Andy’s goal in life was to become a doctor, helping and healing people. That never quite worked out for one reason or another, but was probably for the best. As his career progressed, Andy became more and more disillusioned with modern medicine which he now sees as a discipline designed to keep people sick and make pharmaceutical companies rich. Type II diabetes is a great example. When doctors treat the symptoms rather than address the underlying causes, there is a problem.

One of Andy’s greatest interests, or should I say fascinations, is nutrition and its power to heal disease. Using nutrition alone, Andy has reduced his own blood pressure, lowered blood triglycerides, reduced body fat, and reversed pre-diabetes. However, it was bouts of unexplained depression that lead Andy down the path of mindfulness, meditation and the role wellness has in our daily health and happiness.

As an ex-science teacher, Andy loves to help others struggling along their own path to wellness.

When not working, Andy loves to grab his camera and go. Living in beautiful North Wales, there are just so many photographs waiting to be taken.

Martin Hansen, M.S.

Martin Hansen, M.S. is our co-researcher and web promotion specialist here at Turmerics Gold. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Copenhagen in Biophysics, and he enjoys using the research skills he honed while getting his advanced degree to make Turmerics Gold the most comprehensive, accurate site on the web.

Martin actively researches new discoveries and breakthroughs in the science of turmeric in addition to fact-checking all of our content before it appears on our site. There is a lot of misinformation available online, especially about supplements and natural remedies, and Martin helps us ensure that our website produces only the most accurate, trustworthy content. Additionally, Martin has continued to educate himself since earning his Master’s, learning all about search engine optimization (SEO) and web promotion to become our web promotion specialist. He makes sure that Turmerics Gold is easily accessible to all those looking online to discover the benefits of turmeric.

In his limited free time, Martin plays a lot of chess and watches a lot of movies. He is a self-described “chess addict,” playing at any given opportunity, and he also describes himself as an official movie buff.