About Andy

Dr. Andy Williams is a biologist with an interest in natural health alternatives. His interest in curcumin arose when his father-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since then, he's been researching the various ways that curcumin has been employed in the treatment of disease.

Curcumin for Bladder Cancer 1

Bladder cancer is one of those treatable cancers that often comes back. The cancer grows from the lining of the bladder, so anything in the urine (which is in contact with the lining) can trigger bladder cancer, or help treat it. That is where curcumin may help.

Curcumin for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a huge industry, with fads and scams left, right and center. However, naturally occurring curcumin may offer help in losing fat, without losing the muscle that normally goes with weight loss.

Curcumin for Smokers 1

Smokers are susceptible to varrious respiratory tract infections and cancers. Curcumin may be a helpful supplement to help prevent reduction in lung capacity. This article looks at the research on curcumin and smokers.

Curcumin for Psoriasis 2

Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition which makes the skin dry and scaly. If you suffer from psoriasis, curcumin, applied to the skin in a cream or lotion, may be one alternative approach to this condition worth considering.

Curcumin for Fatty Liver Disease 1

Fatty liver disease in common in heavy drinkers, but also for diabetics and people with chronic viral infections. With fatty liver disease, inflammation causes a lot of damage, and this is where curcumin may help.

Curcumin for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a terrible condition, for the sufferer and their family. Curcumin may help Alzheimer’s patients by slowing down the progression of the disease. This article discusses how curcumin & diet generally can help patients with Alzheimer’s.

Drug Interactions with Curcumin? 6

Curcumin is a natural substance but you do still need to know whether natural, alternative medicines interact with any other drugs you may be taking.